Wednesday, January 2, 2008

our hawaiian island cruise

ben gave me an 8 day hawaiian cruise for my birthday this year! i lived in hawaii after my mission and have been dying to go back ever since! do i have the most amazing hubby or what!! we were able to stay on almost every island! first we left out of oahu, then sailed to the big island and stayed 2 days, then went to maui for 2 days, then went to kauai for 2 days, then we went to the other side of the big island for a day, and then back to oahu for a day!! it was PARADISE!! we talked our friends, matt & camee into coming with us...and jon and jess (ben's bro & his wife) happend to be on vacation in maui the same week so we met up with them too!!

Look closely...we saw Adam Sandler at one of the resorts
we went to in Honolulu :)
This is a lava tube we went thru on the Big Island.

We went Parasailing in Maui :)