Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter morning

the boys had a lot of fun this morning. daddy brought them down from upstairs and they both got so excited when they saw the Easter baskets on the floor. gavin went right for a marshmallow peep bunny and shoved it into his mouth :) kaden couldn't get enough of the eatable Easter grass :) they sat and played with their baskets forever. we had a fun morning :)


Kalli said...

What an awesome Easter Bunny you have I love the baskets! And where in the world did you get edible grass? Looks like you had a great Easter week and weekend that is so cute that you did a Easter Egg hunt with the kids and all there little friends they were all soo cute. So this week we really need to try and get together I think it might just work out this time!!?
P.S. did you get the email of the pics I sent?

Mizukawa's said...

that really was cute where did you get all that stuff I want to get it for next year like the baskets you really are a fun mom