Friday, March 7, 2008

thanks for the tag kalli :)

my husband...

1. What is his name? benjamin isaac allen

2. How long have you been married? almost 3 years, june 4th 2005 was our magical day

3. How long did you date? we first dated back at snow like 7 years ago...then decided to just be friends, but actually stayed pretty close (usually the 'lets just be friends' talk means 'we will never talk again' so i was shocked when the next day ben runs into me outside a friends apartment and wants to go do something). to make a long story short we dated off and on until right before our really was great because no matter what we were always the best of friends (we would admit to our 'lovey dovey' feelings at random times but then would pretend like we never said anything along those lines..funny kids). well, we started dating for good before our missions and then wrote every week while we were both gone (actually, i'll admit..there was a span of about 2 months where i didn't write ben and he got all worried and sent out these hilarious survey's to other girls..other funny story)...we got married 6 months after ben got home. :)

look how young we were! this pic was on my b-day (the summer after we met).
4. How old is he? 27..april 15th 1980 was the day of his grand entry into this world!

5. Who eats more sweets? i probably do...

6. Who said I love you first? he did...another funny story..we were both crying and saying goodbye the last day of snow college when he hugged me and whispered, 'i love you kara' in my was kinda confusing for both of us because we were 'just friends'...freinds can love eachother though, right? :)

7. Who is taller? Ben, he's 5 11'..i'm 5 7'

8. Who can sing better? some say i have a good voice :)..ben sings really well too though!

9. Who is smarter? we both are smart :)

10. Who does the laundry? we both do actually...i do it a lot but ben is so good at doing it too..if he see's a load that needs done he just does it..isn't he great?!!

11. Who pays the bills? i have all the bill's organized for automatic withdrawal :)

12. Who sleeps on the right side? i do right now :) i always sleep on whichever side is farthest away from the bedroom door so if we ever have an intruder in the middle of the night ben can protect me. cute huh!

13. Who mows the lawn? ben does..i actually like mowing the lawn though :) i started mowing the lawn once last summer (ben thought i was weeding the flower bed) and ben came out like, what are you doing?? he felt bad that i was mowing it and not him.

14. Who cooks dinner? actually ben probably cooks more than me!!! i really like cooking, he is just a really good cook and is so nice to me!! even when i am the one cooking he always wants to help.

15. Who drives? Ben does most of the driving when we're together

16. Who kissed who first? it was at snow college, and he kissed was funny because he came right out and said, 'i really want to kiss you right now' was great :)

17. Who asked who out first? he did, he asked me to see the movie, what lies beneath at a college 'big screen movie night' activity :)

pic of when ben & i were dating...

18. Who proposed? ben did...want the sappy story? well, it started the night we had to say goodbye before our missions. ben took me to temple square for a special of the things he did was pull out some quarters to wish on and throw into the reflecting pool by the temple...we noticed that they were both louisiana state quarters (just fyi). we turned around so our backs were facing the pool and threw the quarters in over our shoulders and made wishes..i know, so cheesy..hey, i love the story though :). well to try and make it short..ben would send me 'louisiana' quarters on my mission (and to this day still finds them and gives them to me) and part of his proposal was at the temple..he gave me a 'louisiana' quarter to throw into the pool and told me to close my eyes and throw the quarter in over my shoulder...i did and when i opened my eyes he was on his knee with a ring :). ahh, i know...

ben & i the night he proposed..april 3rd, 2005 to be exact :)
19. Who has more siblings? ben..there are 7 kids in his fam & 4 in mine

all of my siblings on our yellowstone trip last year..
ben & 4 of his siblings at our wedding...
20.Who wears the pants? honestly..i think we have a great relationship and neither of us wears the pants. i know that sounds corney but i really think it's true.

and that's a little about my sweet husband & i. i love you so much ben..thanks for being my everything!


Matt, Camee, and Ty said...

so cute!! I can't believe all those pics from when you were dating!! you guys are the cutest!! and I love all the arizona pictures----your little family is so stinking adorable!! we miss you guys!! and you guys BETTER come and visit us this summer!! :-)

jami said...

Ok that was super fun to read. You guys have such a funny past. I love your blog, it turned out really cute.

Carrie said...

What a great relationship. I'm so happy for you Kara! Does Ben have a brother? J/K =-)

maren out my laundry said...

Kara this is sooo darn cute. I remember ben was the coolest at snow, what year did you guys date? I don't remember that at all! Crazy Crazy, if you guys live nearby we should all go do something sometime, fun stuff!