Wednesday, April 2, 2008

my hubby is the best!

so as some of you know my laptop crashed 2 weeks ago...ugggg! luckily i had most of our photo's saved on dvd's. i lost all my programs and files though..all my ebay stuff and photo editing stuff...including the expensive dvd movie maker program i bought last year (it was a download so i don't have it on disk), bummer!! oh well, what can you do :(. i've been using ben's laptop for the past little while which has been fine since he doesn't really use it.
WELL today ben totally SURPRISES me with a new laptop...and come to find out, it's not just any's a PINK vaio!! is he the best or what?!?! i love it! so fun and chic!!



It doesn't get better than a pink laptop! That is a great surprise! You and Ben are so cute! I love reading about your little family!

BRE said...

ohmy i so want a pink labtop! you'll have to tell me how that works out for ya! i love your little boys and how they always match! too cute!