Monday, April 25, 2011

Easton's Birth Story

My friend Lyndsey is a photographer.
She documented Easton's birth story for us.
These photo's are amazing & priceless. We will cherish them forever.

Thanks. So. Much. Lyndsey.
The photo's tell the whole story perfectly. No need for words.



Heidi said...

Beautiful!! I love that idea. Congrats again!

Natalie Hatch Smith said...

That's so special!!! Hope your doing great!

Julie said...

So precious! Loved all the pics, congratulations you guys!

Lindsey said...

Such a great way to document a birth! Great pics and SUCH a cute baby!!!

Marquardson Family said...

That was BEAUTIFUL! Such a great idea!

Emily and Ryan said...

Love the documentation. Always a beautiful story when a child enters this world. Congrats again.

Cindi said...

You are a beautiful mommy and your new baby is darling. Congratulations.