Friday, March 14, 2008

mommy tag

1. Typically what time do you wake up? i try to get up before my kids do..gavin usually wakes up around 7:30 or 8:00...sometimes he'll just want a bottle and will go back to sleep for an hour. since daylight saving's kaden has been getting up at 9:30!

2. On a good night what time are your kids in bed? 8:00

3. How long have you been a mommy? almost 2 years

4. How old were you when you became a mommy? 24

5. What is your favorite kids tv show? kaden loves finding nemo &, anything he likes makes me happy (as long as it's not annoying :)

6. What is your least favorite kids tv show? i'd have to agree with jami on this one..i hate spongebob

7. What is your favorite chore? i like cleaning just about everything..i'm a clean freak :)

8. What is your favorite meal to cook? any kind of salad, taco soup, coconut shrimp :)

9. What is the meal you cook most often? probably potatoes, steak, and rolls

10. What is your kids favorite meal? kaden loves pizza & french fries (man, he's a healthy one!)..he actually LOVES fruit and pea's too :) gavin loves kix right now!

11. What is your favorite thing your husband does with your kids? i love it when he reads them stories or watches movies with them..he loves to just snuggle up on the couch with them...he get's into the cartoon's just as much as they do!

12. What are 5 things that make you smile when you're being a mom?

1. when they say the cutest things...they have more wisdom than a grown up does

2. watching them learn and grown and pick up things so fast

3. i love it when they just want 'held' by mommy..snuggle time is rare cuz they're so squirmy!

4. how they already know their Savior...better than we think. when kaden was just tiny and could barely talk i was carrying him & walked by a picture of jesus in our home, he looked at it and said, 'jesus'...i had never taught him that..he just knew who he was. i just cried.

5. i LOVE how excited both my boys get when their daddy walks in the door after work...they both get smiles from ear to ear!

13. If you could take your kids anywhere where would it be? a place with no evil! it scares me so bad thinking of them on their own in this crazy world

14. When was the last time you went out without your kids? saturday night

15. What is your favorite past time/activity to do with your kids? swimming, thanksgiving point activites..they both love the petting zoo
17. What is your favorite quality that your mom has? wow, there are COUNTLESS things..she was a single parent and sacrificed EVERYTHING for us kids...she is an amazing mom
& grandma. My second mom, Darla (ben's mom) is so great too...she is so thoughtful and is always calling to see how we're doing etc. she has a gift with making my kids smile and laugh, even when they're babies and haven't laughed yet..she's always the first to make them smile :)

18. What is your advice for new moms? soak EVERY moment in...every single one..even when they've gotten into the shampoo and poured it all over the bathroom floor. They grow up WAY TOO FAST!

19. What is the scariest or most heartbreaking moment as a mom? when they get their feelings hurt...i just want to bawl

20. What is your most joyful moment of being a mom? wow, everything...seeing them learn who they are..they have so much wisdom at so little of an age

21. When was the last time you were told 'I Love You' by one of your kids? this morning.
22. I tag: amy crowther, audra, michelle, lindsey holmes, & nicole (the newest mommy)


jami said...

Super cute. I want to know how you make coconut shrimp??? We need to get together and play games or something.

Ashley said...

Love this post!
We need to plan our girls night out - next week?!?!

Khyl and Michelle and Tay said...

You are such a cute mommy Kara! And your kids are darling. I am excited for this Friday as well! Love Ya!

jami said...

thanks for the recipe. IT sounds sooo good.

Mizukawa's said...

You are such a cute mom. loving those kids and doing everything with them. good days.