Tuesday, September 15, 2009

erin's & steve's wedding

my sister erin got married about a week 1/2 ago! it was a beautiful day.

i did most of the reception, so i'm glad it's all said and done now...no offence erin & steve :).
here's just a few pics i took {more to come soon from her awesome photographer, lyndsey}.

i'll be posting more photo's soon!


Lizabeth said...

Erin is so beautiful and looks so happy!!! What a great day. Congratulations. You did such a great job on the reception (did you do the cake, too?!?)...seriously, Kara, could you just come and live with me and fix up my home and do every church calling that involves decorating that I'm ever asked to do?? Please? I will - eventually - let you go, I promise!

kara said...

thanks so much! and no, i didn't do the cake. i wish i could make a cake like that!
you're so sweet. thank you.

Laurie said...

WOW!! I LOVE the colors!! Can't wait for more pics! I LOVE the pics with Erin and your boys! TOO CUTE!!!

Cori Henderson said...

Wow Kara! You are so talented! That is amazing you did most of the reception! Erin looks gorgeous - as usual!