Tuesday, February 10, 2009

love you babe

i wanted to say happy valentines day to my hot husband! we'll be gone over V-dAy so i wanted to post this now. i love you ben. thank you for doing SO much for me & our little boys. i'm SO lucky to have a husband like you. i don't deserve it...and really don't know why i've been SO blessed. you are the sweetest hubby & the greatest person. you always put me and others before yourself. you treat me like a queen and give me way more than i could ever ask for. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. happy valentines day babe.


Sam & Sam Pontious said...

Cute!! I love it. You guys look so young!

Cori said...

So cute! I hope you guys have a great V-Day and have fun on your trip! I love the picture.