Sunday, May 3, 2009

my mom's birthday

these pics are from last weekend. since my mom was going to be with us in st george on her bday (we've been in st george all week and just got home) we celebrated it with the fam before we left..

mom & kaden blowing out her candles :)... gavin going to town on the bday cake :)...carter (my brother) and his girlfriend, paige. carter just left to new york for the summer for his job..and his birthday is this upcoming we celebrated his bday too. we gave him the shirt he's wearing in the pic...we thought it was funny bc it matched paige. so we made him put it on :).grandma & grandpa slaydon came down too...thanks for the cake guys!erin's in seattle for her summer internship so she couldn't come, and kim's been down in manti with her fiance (he's been having scary seizures...never had them before..all of the sudden. they're trying to get to the bottom of it & are going to a lot of doctors etc.) so they couldn't make it either. we love you mom! happy birthday!!!


Tooj said...

I think it's great when men and women match their clothing. LOL