Sunday, March 29, 2009

easter eggs

it's time to color easter eggs! april is almost here (yay!!). audra & sebi and their girls came over so kenz helped us color them...thanks kenzie! the boys just wanted to get into all the cups of dye the whole time...bad i just gave them a cup of regular water & an egg and let them think they were in on the action :). they caught on but still had fun peeling their eggs and making a huge mess :).

spring has sprung! well, at least we hope it has! go away cold weather!! :)


Cori said...

The kids love it, but yes it can be destructive. Those eggs look way cute.

Easter Cards said...


Easter is coming very soon.. I have already created easter ecards. Please check out and send them to your dear ones all free..

Julie said...

So fun... K so I LOVE your party idea blog. I too love parties and planning them. So fun! (I don't mind at all you used some of my pics). I can't wait to see what you come up with next! The circus themed birthday sounds so great! GL and Thanks

Russ and Serenity said...

How fun! That is funny about the cup of water... hahaha... your boys are so cute! Yes I can't wait for spring to actually arrive... I agree go away cold weather.