Saturday, October 25, 2008

halloween boat cruise

we went on the provo river halloween cruise the other night. it was actually really fun! of course, i love stuff like's so fun to go do holiday things that are different from the norm. we practically got the whole boat to ourselves because it was the last run for the night, so that was cool.
bjorn (the crowthers came with), gavin (trying to feed his bro a leaf) & kaden having fun while we waited our turn...

here's cute little isaac... they had pumkins all up & down the banks that were carved, their reflections looked really cool... gavin's lips are blue from candy the pirate gave him, he's not that cold i promise! :)..kaden got scared when the pirates jumped on & canoed up, but he loved the rest :)... bjorn loved it too...there was lights etc in all the tree's. these pics don't do justice because it was so dark...but ya, it was really fun. we had a good night :).


Cori said...

Fun. I love stuff like that.