Friday, July 3, 2009

happy birthday kaden!

kaden had his third birthday last week! he was SOOO excited for it!
he had been asking for his very own bike {he had been borrowing his friend, bjorn's bike}. so this is what he found downstairs the morning of his birthday, bright and early... he jumped right on and wanted to go straight outside :)...
going down the driveway...

and he never wanted off!
we love you so much kaden! kaden {also known as...kade, kader gator, kaders, & little buddie} is such a smart, cute, loving boy! he fills our days full of sunshine and laughter! he's such a little talker and will tell you all you need to know about anything ;). he loves trying new things and loves getting into EVERYTHING..hehe. he's always so energetic!! happy birthday sweet, sweet kaden!! we hope you had a wonderful day!!