Monday, April 14, 2008

nothing sweeter

gavin hasn't been feeling well...we took him to the doctor on friday and he has an ear infection & a sinus infection. so sad! i feel so bad for the little guy. the one thing that i'm loving though is all the mommy & baby time i'm getting with him. he's not one to fall asleep in my arms and snuggle..but lately, that's all he's been wanting. there is absolutely nothing sweeter than your little boy sleeping in your arms. don't worry though, he's getting better :).


Ashley said...

We saw Ben yesterday and he said that Gavin was sick - poor little thing - no fun having sick kids!

Brooke & Brady Ewing said...

I agree..I wish Eli would do that more often too... So your backgrounds on your blog are always so cute... Do you make them up or do you get them from a website?? Anyways, sweet pictures, ya just wish they didn't get sick ever..