Monday, January 12, 2009

my hot husband tag

1. He's sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen? a movie most of the time..if it's his ipod it would be 24, the office, or prison break. :)
2. What dressing does he get on his salad? it would probably be ranch. he also likes poppyseed.
3. What's one food he doesn't like? beets :)...he hates everything about them.
4. What does he say his first impression of you was? i should let him answer this. i feel silly. he always tells people that he thought i was a stuck up rich girl that was pretty and out of reach..hahahaha! (he knew that all my roommates & i were mostly from alpine...which was such a stereotype! i grew up in a small house that is over 100 years old in the historic part of alpine & loved it!).
5. You go out to the bar. What does he order? we don't go to the bar, we don't drink. @ a restaurant he orders a raspberry lemonade or diet pepsi :).
6. Where did he go to high school? kearns...even though his family moved to south jordan when he was a sophomore he still wanted to be with all his friends.
7. What size shoe does he wear? 11
8. If he was to collect anything, what would it be? he does collect rods, reels, hooks, spinners GALORE, vests, tackle boxes, sinkers, floaters, waders, boots, float tubes, ice huts, etc!
9. What is his favorite type of sandwich? he likes the roasted chicken breast sandwich at subway...@ home: turkey with dressing, cheese, mayo, tomatoes, lettuce etc.
10. What would he eat every day if he could? seafood! he loves, loves, loves seafood..shrimp, lobster, etc, etc!
11. What is his favorite cereal? among his favorites are captn' crunch, lucky charms, & honey bunches of oats with strawberries.
12. What would he never wear? tight fitting jeans like all the teenage boys wear now :). hehe!
13. What is his favorite sports team? byu & 49ers..oh, & longhorns from his mission.
14. Who will he vote for? he voted for mccain
15. Who is his best friend? me of course :). hehe. no but in all sincerity before we were married we were always the best of friends even though we dated off & on (go to the next question for more details. hehe). it's been the greatest foundation for our marriage..we still are best friends :).
16. How did he meet you? What is your history before you were married? this is gonna be a long one, but i'll record it for my journal :)...we 'officially' met in the library at snow college although he says that he already knew who i was :). our mutual friend introduced us (thanks linds! her and ben were studying in the library & i walked up to talk to her and...). which actually is a story in itself because i met lindsey thru serving in the rs presidency with her in our singles ward. she became one of my best friends; but i would have never met her if i hadn't been in her ward ...which actually wasn't even the ward i was suppose to go to. all my roommates were gone the first few sunday's of school so i went with another friend to her ward..and then was called to the rs presidency :). i explained that i wasn't even suppose to go to that ward to the bishop but he just said that i was where i was suppose to be and he felt that i should stay in his ward :). so all in all, if i wasn't in that ward i probably would have never met ben.
as far as our history...we started dating after we hung out once or twice...we dated for a bit but then decided to just be friends. but like i said b4, we actually remained friends (which surprised me, bc the 'lets just be freinds' title never really works). it was hard at times bc we both really did have feelings for each other but would ignore them, deny them, or push them aside :). we did date off and on thru it all but always knew that the timing wasn't quite right and would date other people. thru it all we just kept getting closer and closer though (sorry if this is boring, i don't expect anyone to really read this..i've never written it all down so it's about time i did :) ). a few years passed. still the same :). we would talk on the phone for hours 3-4 times a week (i was away at school and he was working in colorado or would switch off) & would get together & hang out whenever we could. we would admit to really having feelings for each other but then didn't want things to be weird so we would pretend we never said anything along those lines :). we really were the best of friends, and got along so well. we loved talking to each other because we could tell each other anything & would never want to hang up or end the conversation. we loved to hang out because we would always have such a great time. we were both just kidding ourselves :). it was really hard at times, but it honesty was how we wanted it to be. i often wondered & prayed about why we were both holding onto each other. drama! after knowing each other for about 3 years i got the strong impression that i needed to go on a mission, which didn't make sense because it was never something i had planned on doing..i never thought i would go on a mission...& didn't tell anyone, including ben, that i had turned my papers in to go. at this time ben was 23 and had been working towards a mission for the past few years. i got my mission call & he turned his papers in a few weeks later :). even though i got my actual call a few months before his our date for entering the mtc was the same day! our farewells were even the same day so we couldn't go to each others :). but backtracking a bit...after we got our mission calls we had about 3 months before we actually left. one night in particular ben wanted to go somewhere & have a long talk with me..he basically bore all..saying that he had some things he really needed to tell me. he said a lot that night but some of the things he said was that he had always loved me more that just friends love each other, that he was always just scared because he knew that what we had was different than what he had had with any other girl before. he said that he would want to really date me but then would stop himself because he knew that it would turn into a serious relationship fast. he told me that he had always known that i was the girl he wanted to marry (i was dying inside!) but would deny it to himself and others because he knew that there was still things in his life he had to do before marriage, and he was scared that i wouldn't be there once he got it all done. it honestly was one of the best talks i have ever had. it felt so good to finally get everything out and not hide anything anymore (although, who were we kidding?!). after that night we gave up on all the drama and dated until we left. we wrote almost every week our whole was hard at times, yes..but so great. we grew so close thru all our letters. they are still some of my most prized possessions, i have books and books of them. i'll admit, there was a period where i stopped writing him because i got too scared...i was scared about the unknown, and knew that it would hurt way too bad if i got any closer to him and things didn't work out. ya, my fears didn't last long :). i probably scared him more than i scared myself...during the time i stopped writing him his mission companion made him send out these dorky surveys (i'm sure you've seen them, they float around all missions) to other girls from his past to see if they would date him when he got home. hehe! :) anyway, ben got home on december 22 2004. it was the happiest night...he ran up to me & gave me the best hug (yes, he was released already), we shed a few tears, & he grabbed my hand and walked me into his house. so ya, we started right where we had left off...he even kissed me that night :) was GREAT. ben proposed 3 months later and we were married 2 months after that :). i warned you...that was one long answer!! :)
17. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn't do? he wishes that i didn't spend so much time on my laptop & the internet! :) he also wishes that i wouldn't get so stressed when the house is drives me crazy, & drives him crazy cuz i'm crazy :)
18. How many states has he lived in? 2, utah & texas :)
19. What is his heritage? his blood is mostly irish & scottish...although he is 1/16th cherokee! :)
20. You bake him a cake for his birthday; what would it be? german chocolate with pudding filling & a yummy frosting. served with ice cream of course.
21. Did he play sports in high school? wrestling, and some football
22. What could he spend hours doing? fishing, playing with kaden & gavin...and hey, i'll dare to be honest...what would any guy love to do for hours?! :). hehe!
23 . What's something cool about him? he is SO generous and NICE to everyone. he's a great people person. he is the greatest husband, does things that a lot of husbands don't do very much (brings home flowers for me all the time, changes diapers A LOT, wakes up with kids if i need to sleep, helps around the house A TON..and on and on!). and most of all..he puts
up with ME!! he is one COOL guy! i am SO lucky! i love you SO MUCH babe!!!!!!!!!!!


Sam & Sam Pontious said...

I need to have Sam come and live with Ben for a week! :) just kidding. You have him trained pretty well! :)

Leslie said...

That is the coolest blog I've seen . It was great to see you the other day 801-717-7839. Just so you have it. Talk to you soon

Heidi B C said...

That's one of the sweetest posts I've ever read...and yes, I read the WHOLE thing...what an awesome twosome you're such a cute couple.

Cori said...

So fun! He is an awesome guy! He's lucky to have you too though!

Mizukawa's said...

hey you two really are cute. so I am comming home in Feb with Matt this time. would love to see everyone. we will be at Matt's house for a little bit of it.

Bradshaw Family said...

Such an awesome story! Loved it all!

Happy Holmes said...

I loved reading that! Lots of history! I didn't even remember that being the first time you met! I do however, remember you two pretty much always pining for each other! It was destiny!

So happy for the both of you and for your sweet little family!

jami said...

that is such a good idea. I loved reading all about Ben. I might have to do one one Courtney

Darla K. said...

Kara -- I am honestly so happy that you wrote that! It actually did make me cry :) I never really knew the whole story of how you and Ben met. I just knew when I was growing up w/ him (I was the girl in that age group, on the Phelps side) and I love ben so much!! I can honestly say he has the biggest heart -- you know that by now. :) He had the best spirit around him and I always felt and knew that he would turn out to be such a caring, righteous MAN, like he is!!! And, I love that you 2 found eachother. You are such a wonderful person and I love you! I haven't gotten to spend a lot of time w/you guys, but when I do I see the goodness in you and feel of your love and you BOTH have touched my lives. Sorry this comment is so long. :) Anyway, I love you both so much and your children!! Happy new year -- I hope it's a terrific one!

Laurie said...

I love it!! You guys both ROCK!! What an awesome couple! I feel lucky to have met you both! I am totally stayin in his class (he is an awesome teacher, you forgot to say that!)

Marion said...

That is such a great idea to blog about that. Now you'll have that story forever besides in your memory. I think I might copy that.

BTW, You guys are such a cute couple :)