Friday, August 21, 2009

we love you grandpa allen!

my father in law just went in to have a tumor removed from his kidney. the huntsman cancer institute is a great place. the surgery went really well, the doctors were able to remove all of the tumor, and even tested the area around the tumor and found no traces of cancer. I know our Father in Heaven has listened to and answered our prayers.
we love you so much grandpa allen!
we were able to go visit larry at the hospital earlier today. the boys were a little nervous {more worried for their grandpa} at first seeing larry hooked up to everything, but after they realized he was okay they were happy.{i'm totally closing my eyes in this pic, but oh well} :)...
you're in our prayers grandpa allen. we love you loads and loads!


kellie said...

Kara, Congrats on the win!! You deserved it :) Seriously, you are so creative and you should be recognized for it. I can't wait until I need to though a party. I will come your way for advice. Well done my dear.