Friday, September 26, 2008

welcome home uncle stevie!

the fam waiting in the salt lake airport...our brother stephen returned home from his mission to paris france last week! larry, darla, & seth got to go & pick him fair! they toured france, ireland, and scotland for two weeks!

i got indian crowns (just random me :) for us to put on..& made stephen wear one to embarass him, he gets embarassed so easily :)...gavin & taya (audra & sebi's little girl) were born while stephen was this was their first time meeting him! kaden was just a baby when he left too, so kade didn't remember him all that well at first...but now kaden's new best buddie is uncle stevie (he even asks for him randomly during the day)! we love you stephen and are so happy you're home! we missed you! (for all you single girls..he is available!! whoo, whoo! he's going to snow college for 2nd block in october. hehe )


Amberly said...

Love the hats! He sounds like an awesome brother. My sister served in France too, I can't spell it though so don't ask!

Jobi Niu said...

How exciting! My brother comes home in 2 months.. I can't wait! I heart missionaries!

The Harrington Family said...

What? No pics of me?? :) Just kidding. I love your blog Kara! Oh, and Regan was right, the shoes you had on that night were way cute!! I love that Kaden loves Steve! That is so cute to me!!